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Did you know according to recent studies about 60{a5d84926fd671c3e0a61b6c0849687f1cf3bcb456294ddf8b6a7b6d987a018f0} of personal injury victims don't fully understand their rights, which has resulted in lawsuits not being won or fully paid out to victims?

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Top Asked Questions About Legal Auto Injury

1. Alright, how much is my case worth?

The value of your case is tied to your injuries and the type of injury you may have such as (sprain, strain, surgeries, broken bones). This is also in addition to payment for lost wages, medical bills, and car repairs. Which pretty much says, the value of your case is directly tied to the facts of your case and the extent of your injuries.

2. I have received property damage and medical releases from my insurance company adjuster and/or other from other parties. Should I sign them without an attorney?

Absolutely not, releases for medical records and/or property damage should only be signed under limited circumstances.

3. How do I know if my attorney is has extensive experience in accident/injury cases? Can't I just pretty much hire any lawyer to help me with my accident case?

Going with any attorney without research might not be wise. You shouldn't simply hire "any attorney" to help you on your accident case. There are a lot of attorneys out there who will take any accident/injury case even though they have only handled a small number of injury cases. Remember, you are about to take on a big insurance company, and letting your attorney handle your claim will require an attorney that has experience in that sector. You want an attorney who has handled thousands of cases just like yours.

4. I don't have health insurance and now the hospital is going to send my bill to collections, will this ruin my credit?

Unfortunately yes, your credit could have major impact if this isn't handled correctly. You attorney will talk to all of the medical providers who have outstanding bills and make sure they know that they will get paid out of your injury case. Knowing this is usually enough to get them to wait for payment and not ruin your credit, your attorney will able to stop harrassing calls from collectors if necessary.

5. I was just in an accident and my friend was at fault. How can I get compensated but not hurt my friend in the process?

If you are in an accident that was caused by a friend or a family member, you can still be fully compensated. Your attorney will make a claim with the other person's auto insurance. Your friend's insurance protects him or her from having financial hardship when an accident happens.

6. I was recently in a car accident but the person who caused it doesn't have car insurance. What can I do?

If your auto insurance policy has uninsured motorists coverage, your attorney will help you make a claim there. Every insurance policy is different, so your attorney will help you sort this out so that you don't become a victim a second time.

7. The other person's insurance company is offering to settle my case but I'm not sure if their offer is reasonable, how would I know?

The absolute only way to know what is fair is to have your attorney to look at the offer and they will make an accessment if your offer is good or not. Not only that, but also litigating them and seeing what injured victims are awared in court. Unless you have your own experience, you will never really know what the true value accessment is worth.

8. If I hire a lawyer, will my case require a trial?

Not really, your attorney will be able to settle the vast majority of the cases that they work on for the moneies their clients deserve without having to go to trial.

9. Can the insurance adjuster limit the medical treatment I will receive?

No, you are legally entitled to receive "reasonable" medical care for injuries that were caused in your accident. The fight is always over what "reasonable" means and over whether your injuries were "caused" by the car accident. Your attorney will help guide you through your medical treatment so that you are protected from mistakes that the insurance company hopes you will make.

10. Why does the insurance adjuster say that they can resolve my case without involving a lawyer?

You are able to settle a claim without a lawyer if you wish; in fact, the goal of the insurance company is to minimize the payout. With a personal injury attorney that you'll be working with, they know that won't happen. The Insurance Research Council (IRC), an organization supported by property and casualty insurance companies, performed a recent study that compared the settlements paid to injured individuals who hired attorneys with the settlements received by people who handled case themeselves. The IRC study concluded on average, people who hired a lawyer received as much as 3x more money in settlements than those who didn't go through a lawyer.

11. I was in an auto accident, can any attorney help with my claim?

Though attorneys can handle different kinds of cases, after a car accident it's usually wise if your claim is handled by attorneys experienced in personal injury claims. Accident claims are complex, and an attorney's experience and skill can pay off for you in much great financial volume than going through this alone. Personal injury lawyers who have successfully handled many accident cases are often the best to handle such complicated issues, negotiations with the insurance companies involved.

12. How long will my automobile case take?

The answer depends on a few factors, including the types of injuries you suffered and how willing the other car insurance company is willing to settle the matter. If your bodily injuries can be assessed quickly and relations with other side are good, your case will not take long to be completed. Every effort will be made to resolve your claim as soon as possible, with the goal being to obtain a high financial compensation for your injuries and/or losses.

13. If I make a claim, will I have to go to trial or court?

Most likely not, many personal injury claims - over 80{a5d84926fd671c3e0a61b6c0849687f1cf3bcb456294ddf8b6a7b6d987a018f0} - are settle out of court.

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